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Water Damage Fenton

Solving the difficulties presented by a pipe burst, water heater malfunction, or toilet overflow can be a challenge, and that is why the work is best left to the professionals such as 911 Restoration St. Louis owner John Fowler and his water damage Fenton team.

Water Damage Restoration Ceiling RepairJohn and his water damage Fenton crew know that the best method for mitigating the level of damage that any water intrusion can cause is to be at the scene quickly with all the right tools for the job.

“My crew and I can be anywhere in the whole of our service area within 45 minutes to start pumping out water,” John explains. “We can also take control of any other restoration project on emergency notice too.”

Not only can John get to the site of a water damage disaster quickly, he and his crew are available to take on projects at all hours of the day and night by being available 24/7/365 for just such emergency situations.

“My water damage Fenton team and I are dedicated to making the restoration process as easy to deal with as possible for our clients,” John explains. “And that is why we always make sure to put their needs and wants as priority number on in every aspect of our work.”

Don’t let your home become a river of category three water from a toilet overflow. Contact John and the water damage Fenton team with 911 Restoration St. Louis and get all the restoration services your home needs today!

Regular Maintenance Is the Best Damage Prevention

John and the water damage Fenton team know everything there is to about how to amend a situation that has already been through water damage, but they are also specialists when it comes to the simple maintenance tricks and techniques needed to avoid such events in the first place too.

“Rain or shine, we get calls every single day from people who are simply trying to learn the best ways to protect their home from damages,” John explains. “That is why we have set down and developed a list of all the ways that people can do simple little things in a maintenance way that will stave off the chances of a water damage scenario.”

Water Damage Restoraiton Vacuuming Attic

  • Trim back the trees on your property that are threatening to break off in high winds or extreme snowfall. If these impale your home, they will undoubtedly introduce huge amounts of water damage to the interior, so simply doing some pruning can save big in the long run.
  • Allow a restoration expert to come and inspect your system with a visual scoping snake tool to find any sections of your plumbing that might be prone for obstructions that can burst and cause water damage.
  • Never let the temperature in your home dip into freezing as this may cause a pipe to burst when put under pressure. A pipe burst can be very challenging to fix, and they tend to cause massive amounts of water damage when they occur.
  • Never place anything into the plumbing system that it was not specifically designed to handle. This can include multi-ply as well as products that claim to be organic or biodegradable.
  • Check the fittings, and inspect the rubber hoses on your appliances for any wear and tear that may lead to a rupture when put under pressure. These can cause massive amounts of water damage and they usually occur while you are doing other things and thus don’t notice until it is too late.

“This is a shortened list,” John explains. “So if anyone has questions about ideas or items that aren’t listed here, they shouldn’t hesitate to contact us and learn more.”

Don’t let your home flood with water from a toilet overflow. Contact John and the water damage Fenton team with 911 Restoration St. Louis to get your problem solved today!

Upstairs Leak Causes Downstairs Mass Flooding and Water Damage

When John got a call at three in the morning to help out a homeowner with pets and no dry ground to keep them on, he shot out of bed and rushed over to help her.

Water Damage Restoration At Residential Job Site“We mobilized all we had in the area to go and help this woman and her pets out of a jam,” John explains. “There was water two inches deep throughout her entire home.”

John and the water damage Fenton team got straight to work eliminating the excess water, and finding the leak source at the same time.

“After we located the origin point of this situation, we were able to patch it up and make sure that this didn’t happen again anytime soon,” John explains. “We take care of all of our clients to the best of our ability, but in this situation, we felt a real urgency because she had so many pets to watch after as well.”

John and his water damage Fenton crew even made friends with a lovely German Shepherd named Rex in the process. Don’t let a flooding event force you and your family or pets onto the high ground of your furniture.

Contact John and the water damage Fenton specialists with 911 Restoration St. Louis for all the help you and your pets need today!

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